What is Bliss Naturopathy

NATUROPATHY – a blending of natural health wisdom and tried and tested modern methods.

Naturopaths diagnose and treat many disorders of the body, mind and spirit, with special emphasis on Lifestyle Improvement. For example, we can help you with digestive problems, weight management, muscular aches and pains – backache, neck and shoulder tensions, eating disorders, insomnia, chronic stress and pain, skin problems, premature aging, depression, anxiety or any other health or lifestyle situation that you want to resolve.

Our work is effective, gentle and non-invasive.  We use manual, talking and exercise therapies including massage, bodywork, nutritional therapy, lifestyle coaching, relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation techniques to enhance your experience of Blissful Living. Hippocrates the Greek, father of modern medicine, explained the principles way back in 426bc!

Touch, Caresses, Cuddles and Hugs – our unmet need

Why do people crave massage?  Just to alleviate aches and pains or is there something more elusive and profound that we search for…………..something to do with human touch being a basic human need……..

Gay and cousin share bath

Dr David Bresler in Free Yourself from Pain, proposes a programme of PAMPERING and becoming SELF-INDULGENT as one way to relieve pain. Maybe that is why we feel that massage is an indulgence, rather than an essential part of our self-care.

There’s a deep cry in us, children and adults – when we don’t get the touching, caressing and hugging that we crave.


I read in Dr. Bresler’s book about an experiment conducted at New York University Medical Centre, where sixty-four patients were divided into two groups, one group receiving  “therapeutic touch” from nurses twice a day.  The other group received only routine nursing care.  After just ONE day, the patients who had been touched showed significant increases in the hemoglobin levels of their blood; (haemoglobin is the element in red blood cells that transports oxygen from lungs to body tissues).  No such changes were found in the other group. Now that’s a result!

Bliss Naturopaths use this principle when giving bodywork for the relief of common aches and pains,  for deeply held emotional pain and discomfort that doctors have been unable to address successfully.   Human physical contact from an empathic, compassionate and skilled practitioner can be profoundly healing and supportive, while also giving space for the client’s emotions to be safely listened to, cleared and healed.

We know that this is part of a whole picture which can include:

  • clearing toxicity,
  • improving digestion and absorption,
  • supporting the energy generating systems of the body
  • improving the personal, social and community life of the individual

Just send me an email if you would like to have a chat (no obligation, free of charge) about how this would be helpful for you.

3 healthy ways to trim

Next week Im going on a smart holiday with my 30 something slender, glamourous friend Gloria, and I dont want to look like her dumpy middle aged mum.

Here’s what I do:-

  • eat fresh pineapple before meals – primes my digestion and fills me up a bit with something terrifically nourishing so that Im not eating that bread roll or deep fried starter
  • drink a large glass of warm water half an hour before meals – primes my digestion so that my enzymes peak  just when food is going in
  • chew each mouthful 60x  – well, I’m sure you can imagine how that cuts down quantity, but it also helps to break food down into tiny particles for more efficient digestion and absorption.

How about finding out what would work for you?  All my tips are personal, so just give me a call for a consultation, free of charge, on the phone for a half an hour.