Do Something Physical! Bake!!

Reasoning isn’t the only way to buck yourself up, has it ever worked……?
Get out of your head, have some fun and create something pleasurable, delicious and nutritious Do Something Physical – Something just for Fun

Do you love something crispy, rich, fibrous, buttery, wholesome and above all HEALTHY (um, really?)  Something that is extremely easy and quick to make?

OK then, WASH YOUR HANDS WELL, find a heavy bottomed saucepan, kitchen scales, a big bowl, blender, a wooden spoon, a dessertspoon and a knife, and get into it!  Wear an apron, so you can stop worrying (even unconsciously) about your clothes getting messy, and stand tall at your work.

You need an hour for the whole thing, better stay near the kitchen and let your nose give you the signals (that the heat is too high or too low). If you smell burning, take it out, if you don’t smell anything after 30 mins, turn the heat up for a bit.

The best thing about Flapjacks is that when you’ve done the basic recipe, you can play and be intuitive about quantities.  Try various substitutions; it will still be delicious, just the texture will change.

Stand up, (thats already a winner) move around your kitchen: squat, stretch.  I love to  get my hands sticky, lick and suck them and feel naughty and silly…….

Heat the oven to 180 degrees for an electric fan oven.

Basic Flapjack Recipe – approximate, go for organic as possible

180g porridge oats

50g sea salted butter

30g coconut oil

homemade date paste – blended from a handful of dates + a little warm water.  The Sweetness that is packed full of nutrients………

blackstrap molasses – 2 dessert spoons approx – loads of minerals, rich and fulfilling


handful sesame or sunflower seeds or any nuts that have been dried out in a warm oven – for crunch and more nutrients

raisins or other dried fruits and berries – for more sweetness and chewiness

1 tablespoon dark brown sugar – if you are worried about sweetness

Oil a medium oblong or square baking tin with a 2” side.

OK , so you’ve got your DRY INGREDIENTS and your WET INGREDIENTS. 

First gently melt the fats, then add in all the other wet ingredients.  Hand mix the weighed dry ingredients in the bowl that stands on the scales.  If you are using unsalted butter, then add a few pinches of sea salt.  

The wet ingredients are the warmed fats and oils with the blended date cream, possibly a little warm water and molasses.  Reserve some date cream in case the mixture is too dry, or just add water.  

Stir the dry ingredients into the saucepan of wet, mix well with wooden spoon or by hand until everything is black, sticky, gooey and loose; the texture can range from thick to almost runny.  Turn into the oiled baking tin, ensuring that there is enough room for it to expand (have a pan underneath in the oven to catch any drips)

Lightly press the mixture in – making sure that it comes no more than halfway up the side.  If you have any mixture over, start another tin, or store in fridge for later.

Bake on 180 degrees centigrade for 20-30 minutes.  

While you wait, take a real break, lie on the floor or sofa, breathe, inhale through nose, exhale through mouth; Listen to my INSTANT BLISS recording; (get it here) or just letting go of any holding or tension, starting with the feet and including your head, jaw, ears, nose, forehead: sink into the surface you are on.  Aaaah.  You will smell when Flapjack is ready to take out of the oven with mitts.  It will be extremely hot and hold its heat for a long time.  Take care.

After leaving to cool for about 10 minutes, score with a knife and leave to get cold.  Then break into sections and store in a tin.


Please let me have your feedback………

Warning: people with delicate teeth or loose fillings should not attempt to eat this !


Womb-am – day 2018


Remember these uplifting, exciting, inspiring days……..

We are SISTERS on TODAY, and we can do it EVERY DAY of the year.

And deep in the body of  ‘womb-am’ is growing………. love and acceptance of all-of-me, compassion for my Sisters (and all beings) and the consciousness spreading that THIS is OUR TIME.

When Consciousness is rooted in here, (point finger to womb) it is FemActivism….. hastening the end of approx 6 thousand years of dysfunctional male dominance

Those true, real men, who support our Sisterhood, are ashamed that this rotten system has gone on so long, are in with us.

Still, I’m clear that we need to do it for ourselves.  Pulling myself up by my own boot straps, redefining Whoomanity for me, my children, my beloveds the whole Whooman race in the very way I live my own life, here and now.

So really do salute each and every woman you meet today and everyday, 

connect in body and in spirit

with a smile, a hug, a gesture 

we are kin 

we are SISTERS 

I create the NEW ERA in here, IN MY WOMBgirls-women-happy-sexy-53364.jpeg 

 this WOMB-ans’ DAY, every day

Woman – the most undervalued renewable resource on the planet


Womans’ Wisdom – the depths of compassion and human feeling that arises from our ability to bear life, is the part of being human that we Women need to value more highly.  Once we do, our “civilisations” will follow suit.

Woman will wake up and value her body.  She will proudly nurture and care for her magical ability to create life.  Then society will truly feel a change.

What does Nurture and Care-for mean?

To me, it means more than adorning the outside with paint and clothing, it means more than a superficial massage with essential oils, lovely though that feels……………..

It means declaring proudly “I’m having my period at the moment so I’m taking a break…”

“….I’m going to spend quiet quality time with my Sisters. I’ll restore, replenish and inspire myself to share myself and my gifts “,  “I’m entitled to time off just like you, so make supper and I’ll come home and share it with you……….”

This Woman is in the supermarket queue just behind you; she is waiting at the school gate, she is on the internet.  Talk to her, listen to her story, share your common womanality – it will bear untold gifts.

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