Meditation – sore knees and backache!

Meditation talk leads you astray!

Meditation promises peace, calm, silence, sanity, serenity and relief from stress. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

If you are one of those courageous yet misguided people (like I was) who has “tried to Meditate” unsuccessfully……….then that word means failure, struggle, boredom, bodily contortions, flies on your face, numb bum, aching ankles and a killing back.  Whenever I mention that I teach Meditation, people tell me

“I tried for years to meditate but I cant stop my mind, so I gave up”  Success is rare; its a conversation stopper.

But what is it?

The accepted authorities say that Meditation needs legs crossed across your lap – the lotus position, an empty mind, and loads of time.  Surely in the 21st Century, we need something we can actually do right now, and succeed at!

I have discovered through trying every method and position going, that you don’t need to achieve the lotus position first, you don’t need a silent glade by a babbling brook, you don’t need a mountain top, and you don’t need to go to India;

you just need YOURSELF! (and my Instant Bliss recording)

Read On…….

The cost of being ‘nice’

Trying too hard to be a good human being? This can block the flowing waters of healthy passion and expression. The true cost of being “nice”  is not felt until its too late. Joy, fun and health are sacrificed. That volcano of churning emotions may blow – inwards or outwards. This is one of our greatest fears

Dumbing down life’s healthy vibrancy for the sake of safety turns the colours to grey. You get ‘STRESSED’ instead!

When you stuff down the ‘bad’ and only show the ‘good’ the very effort reduces your aliveness, presence and depths.

A safe place for expression and release is needed.  If you are feeling over-serious, depressed, anxious, lethargic, suffer aches pains and chronic illness that “you have to learn to live with” or if you have simply forgotten how to play, you will be seeking out that space where you are totally accepted, and can be just the way you are.


A new direction to physical wellness

Keep moving On!

Don’t take my word for it Do it.  Just Move – Go outdoors, walk. EVERY DAY.  Stand up and move around for a few minutes EVERY HOUR. No guilt, quit your gym membership (most people hardly ever go)…………get regular sessions of deep bodywork and Move.  Many people wait until they feel really bad before going for some help.  Wise up and get your support structure set up Now so that you stay well, and feel better the older you get. 

Now, can we talk?  What ails you……..?