Hi! Welcome from Ms Bliss!

You have found Bliss Naturopathy, while looking for resolutions and solutions for abundant health, wealth and happiness! Welcome in!

As a septuagenarian, living a peaceful and fulfilling life culminating in a conscious death, (not imminent I hope) how could I move on, peaceful and fulfilled, without having done my very best to share the invaluable gifts that I have been granted?

My life’s purpose is to pass on the bounty of Bliss that I have been privileged to enjoy.

My own extensive experience in personal development and meditation, and working with people for over 40 years, underpin the support I offer through BLISS NATUROPATHY.  This work can be transformational on all levels.

I’m a passionate person, and through investing in experiencing the pain and suffering of unconscious life, I have come to KNOW that all, (or most of) my suffering is MADE UP – by me.  A little outside help can go a long way in managing the subtle variations of pain manifesting in each individual.  The myriad ways that we can uniquely heal and transcend are the stuff of our one to one Consultations, individually tailored Consultations that have powerfully helped so many to lives of freedom and fulfilment.

Yes, to end your suffering you might need a little help along the way.

Using physical therapies, spiritual and emotional healing and energy work, my dear clients are gently moved through life’s ‘circumstances’ to experience their unlimited potential in relationships, vocation, personal health and well being.  This is achieved relatively quickly compared to traditional therapeutic methods.

  1.  Love and Accept your Whole BodyBeing
  2.  Enjoy Freedom and Physical Health
  3.  Love and Accept Family, Friends, and Your Neighbour
  4.  Integrate your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spiritual Quest
  5.  Look forward to a Conscious, Elegant Death – the Culmination of a Life Well-Lived

To learn more please read through the website……use it for your self and to share with  others.

To discuss the suitability of this approach for you and to possibly book your first Consultation, call 07788981977

Welcome to my World; the World of Healthy, Free, Fulfilled Women. Step inside…….

Some women aspire to the moon, others to have large families and knit.  I love all of it.

What floats MY boat is supporting women to enjoy optimum health freedom and fulfilment in this life.

Hand in hand, one by one and in groups.

My work is Direct, Fun and Rigorous.

Its for females who yearn to thrive in their own, unique way.  My style is empathic, compassionate, patient and tough. I help you to replace old comforts with empowering new ways, and hand you the keys to be and act the unique and wonderful woman that you ALREADY are.

We can work hard: and laugh and cry together as we unpick the knots developed over lifetimes by well- meaning but suppressed parents, teachers, partners and societies.

I look forward to meeting you!

Do Something Physical! Bake!!

Reasoning isn’t the only way to buck yourself up: has it ever worked……?
Get out of your head, have fun by creating something pleasurable, delicious and nutritious 


Do you love something crispy, rich, fibrous, buttery, wholesome and above all HEALTHY (um, really?)  Something that is extremely easy and quick to make?

OK then, WASH YOUR HANDS WELL, find a heavy bottomed saucepan, kitchen scales, a big bowl, blender, a wooden spoon, a dessertspoon and a knife, and get into it!  Wear an apron, so you can stop worrying (even unconsciously) about your clothes getting messy, and stand tall at your work, rather than stooping to protect clothes.

You need less than an hour for the whole thing, better stay near the kitchen and let your nose give you the signals (that the heat is too high or too low). If you smell burning, take it out, if you don’t smell anything after 30 mins, turn the heat up for a bit.  Can be baked while you prepare a ‘proper’ meal.

The best thing about Flapjacks is that when you’ve done the basic recipe, you can play and be intuitive about quantities.  Try various substitutions; it will still be delicious, just the texture will change.

Stand up, (thats already a winner) move around your kitchen: squat, stretch.  I love to  get my hands in the sweet, sticky mixture, enjoy the sensuous naughty feeling of licking off and being childlike and silly…….

Heat the oven to 180 degrees for an electric fan oven.

Basic Flapjack Recipe – all quantities are approximate, go for as organic as possible

180g porridge oats

50g sea salted butter

30g coconut oil

Home-made date cream – blend a handful of dates (or other dried fruit)+ a little warm water until it goes creamy- this sweetness is packed full of nutrients………

blackstrap molasses – 2 dessert spoons approx – loads of minerals, rich and fulfilling


handful sesame or sunflower seeds or any nuts that have been dried out in a warm oven – for crunch and more nutrients

raisins or other dried fruits and berries – for more sweetness and chewiness

1 tablespoon dark brown sugar – to taste

Medium baking tin with a 2” side – oiled


Think of it this way; DRY INGREDIENTS and WET INGREDIENTS. 

The wet ingredients are the warmed fats and oils with the blended date cream, possibly a little warm water, and molasses, in a heavy saucepan.  Reserve some date cream in case the mixture is too dry, or just add water.  Try for a texture like medium to thick porridge.

First gently melt the fats, then add in all the other wet ingredients.  If you are using unsalted butter, add a few pinches of sea salt.

Hand mix the weighed dry ingredients in the bowl

Stir the dry ingredients into the saucepan of wet, mix well with wooden spoon or by hand until everything is black, sticky, gooey and loose; the texture can range from thick to almost runny.  Turn into the oiled baking tin,

Lightly press the mixture in – making sure that it comes no more than halfway up the side.  If you have any mixture over, start another tin, or store in fridge for later.

Bake on 180 degrees centigrade for 20-30 minutes in the middle of the oven…..  (watch out for drips)

While you wait, you can prepare more food, read a book or ….

take a real break, lie on the floor or sofa, breathe, inhale through nose, exhale through mouth; Listen to my INSTANT BLISS recording; (get it here) or just letting go of any holding or tension, starting with the feet and including your head, jaw, ears, nose, forehead: sink into the surface you are on.  Aaaah.  

You will smell when Flapjack is ready to carefully remove from oven with protective mitts.

After leaving to cool for about 10 minutes, score with a knife and leave to get cold.  Lever up and break into sections. Store in an airtight container, whats left that is!

Warning: Can be crunchy; take care!

Please Enjoy and let me have your feedback………