About Naturopathy


As an “old person,” aspiring to a peaceful and fulfilling life, culminating in a conscious death (not quite yet, I hope)…… how could I move on from this body without having done my very best to share the invaluable gifts that I have been granted?

My life’s purpose is to pass on the bounty of Bliss that I have been privileged to enjoy.

My own deep experience in personal development and meditation, working with people for over 40 years, underpin the health and wellbeing support I offer now through BLISS NATUROPATHY.  This work can be transformational on all levels.

I want to share some jewels with you, to speed you on your way to healing and awakening.  Through experiencing the pain and suffering of unconscious life, I have come to KNOW that my suffering is MADE UP – by me.  We are all in the same predicament, managing the subtle variations of pain manifesting in each individual.  One of the many ways on offer to uniquely heal and transcend, is courses of one to one Consultations, individually tailored to you, that have powerfully helped so many to lives of freedom and fulfilment.

Yes, to understand your suffering do you suspect that you might need a little friendly help?

Using physical therapies, spiritual and emotional healing and energy work, my dear clients are gently moved through life’s ‘circumstances’ to experience their unlimited potential in relationships, vocation, personal/spiritual health and well being.  This is achieved relatively quickly compared to traditional therapeutic methods.

  1.  Love and Accept your Whole BodyBeing
  2.  Enjoy Physical Health and Freedom
  3.  Love and Accept Family, Friends, and Your Neighbour
  4.  Integrate your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spiritual Quest
  5.  Look forward to a Conscious, Elegant Death – the Culmination of a Life Well-Lived

To learn more please read through the website……use it for your self and to share with  others.

To discuss the suitability of this approach for you and to possibly book your first Consultation, call 07788981977



Pronounced ‘NATURE’ – ‘OPATHY’ – a blending of traditional healing wisdom and tried and tested modern methods.

Naturopaths can diagnose and treat many disorders of the body, mind and spirit, with special emphasis on Lifestyle Improvement. For example, if you have digestive problems, over weight and under weight, muscular aches and pains such as backache, neck and shoulder tension, eating disorders, insomnia, chronic stress and pain, skin problems, premature aging, emotional distress, depression, anxiety or any other health or lifestyle situation that you want to resolve .  Our work is effective, gentle and non-invasive.  We use manual, talking and exercise therapies including massage, bodywork, nutritional therapy, lifestyle coaching, relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation techniques to enhance your experience of Blissful Living. Hippocrates the Greek, father of modern medicine, explained the principles way back in 426bc!

Naturopathic Physicians practice these six fundamental principles of naturopathic medicine:

  • Use The Healing Power of Nature –  Trusting in the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself.
  • Identify and Treat the Causes –  Looking beyond the symptoms to the underlying cause.
  • Whatever you do, First Do No Harm  – Utilising the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies.
  • The Naturopathic Doctor is a Teacher – Educating patients in the steps to achieving and maintaining health.
  • Treating the Whole Person – Viewing the body as an integrated whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions.
  • We understand Prevention – Focussing on overall health, wellness and disease prevention.

Why This, Why Me?

BLISS style of Naturopathy answers your soul’s need to make sense of what is happening to you. ‘Perhaps learning from this illness/problem/condition is my journey, my self unfolding, my very reason for being here…..’  With Nutrition, Bodywork, Movement and Stress Reduction you have the basics of a healthful lifestyle.  In addition, you will benefit from Lifestyle Coaching, Emotional Release, Spiritual Mentoring, and Energy Generating to help in every situation, including a life crisis or period of being “stuck”.

The Life Force, Chi or Prana is the very stuff we are made of.  It moves the planets, determines the weather, nourishes and loves us through plant and animal life, water, breath, movement, touch, spirit.  It is LIFE! From dietary therapy to cellular healing, from spa baths to passive exercise machines  – aligning with this Vital Force transforms lives.  We explain how this happens to give you the tools to continually improve your own life. This is quite different from a 3 day detox box from the pharmacy!

Bliss Naturopathic treatments engage the individual’s natural healing powers improving energy stores, immune strength, flexibiity and vitality. We are clearing ‘stuckness’ and blocks so that Nature can do the Healing – its that kind of Detox. Naturopathy treats you as a Whole, not a collection of parts like a broken machine! It distinguishes that each person’s  “dis-ease’ occurs for their own unique reasons. Our focus is on enhancing your deep reserves of health, although we do take seriously the outer symptoms that have important sounding Latin and Greek names.

This uniquely personal approach takes the time to address the major factors underlying chronic pain, lack of energy, digestive and immune deficiency, degenerative disease, inflammation etc.

Major factors

PHYSICAL: genetics and biochemical individuality, childhood, deficiency of nutrients, toxicity, digestive insufficiency, injury

EMOTIONAL: suppressed fear, terror, anger, guilt, resentment –  including traumas and upsets; these block healing, cause degenerative disease and restrict the growth and freedom of the human spirit

MENTAL: values, judgements, opinions, misinformation and lack of education cause life problems and interfere with a healthy fulfilling lifestyle.

SPIRITUAL: Health problems indicate that  spiritual healing/balancing work is needed, to fully ground the individual within Mother Earth, while elevating well-being on all levels


Who is this for?

BLISS Naturopathy attracts successful, courageous people who are avoiding chemical or surgical intervention, and wish to enjoy a long and healthy life;
the same people who are now ready to embrace profound lifestyle change for real improvement.
Low Energy
Digestive Problems
Deep seated upsets and traumas
Under and over weight
Anxiety, depression and a host of other problems can be aided with coaching from a BLISS lifestyle professional. As a Naturopath, I am a trained, approved and insured Alternative General Medical Practitioner with all the certificates to prove it.  However, my medical practice is grounded in the overall guiding principle.

HEALING is the expression of Love which is at the core of all life. Naturopaths go to great lengths to understand you and your problems via questionnaires, reports and testing, really listening to you with love compassion and respect -for you are unique!

The Bliss Naturopathic Healer has extensive training as Coach and Teacher who explains the root causes of your problems to you in terms that you can understand, without overwhelming you with phony science or jargon.  We aim to educate you to live independently in a state of optimum health – learning best methods to benefit from all the opportunities that modern life offers to do this.

When chosing a Naturopath, keep in mind that the secret ingredient essential for deep healing – beyond training and degrees is:

  • LOVE AND COMPASSION linked with expertise
  • NATURE does the HEALING

This not a bland statement to be brushed off as obvious:  ‘Who/What designed this great mystery – our existence on the planet?

Warmth copy

Love is the Natural Healer

LOVE is nature’s intrinsic and mysterious quality and LOVE is nature’s ‘product’. Love has the quality of unconditional acceptance, respect, compassion and empathy, love gives and receives, love understands and holds, love heals all wounds. It is in fact, the very stuff we are made of. Love and the caring qualities do not get much mention in medical writings.
Be that as it may, love is at work whenever deep healing occurs. Indeed, without the presence of love it is doubtful if anyone could survive on the planet.

The Role of Fear

Fear cuts us off from Feeling and Being in Love, being connected and in our body. That is why any truly effective healing work has to address the issue of fear and work with it –  FEARLESSLY!   Freedom from fears empowers like nothing else on earth.

It is my privilege and delight to accompany my clients on the journey from fear and pain to a state of transformed health, and life itself.

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