Who uses Bliss Naturopathy

BLISS Naturopathy attracts successful, courageous women and men who are avoiding drugs and surgery, and wish to enjoy a long and healthy life;
 people who are now ready to embrace profound lifestyle change for real improvement. Low energy, digestive problems, 
deep seated upsets and traumas
, mobility, weight management,
 anxiety, depression and a host of other problems can be aided with coaching from BLISS lifestyle professionals.

I am a Bliss(ful) Naturopath, a Natural Healer who is a trained, approved and insured Alternative General Medical Practitioner with all the certificates to prove it.  My medical practice is grounded in Hippocratic principles, with a light and positive  atmosphere.

As a Coach and Teacher, I’m skilled at explaining the root causes of your problems to you in terms that you can understand, without overwhelming you with phony science or jargon.  We focus on understanding you and your problems for your healing and personal development, really listening to you with love, compassion and respect.  You are unique!

Our aim at Bliss Naturopathy is to educate and guide you to live independently in a state of optimum health – learning best methods to benefit from the many opportunities that modern life offers to do this.

“Healing is an expression of Love, the source of all Life.”