Hi! Welcome from Ms Bliss!

You have found Bliss Naturopathy, while looking for resolutions and solutions for abundant health, wealth and happiness! Welcome in!

As a septuagenarian, living a peaceful and fulfilling life culminating in a conscious death, (not imminent I hope) how could I move on, peaceful and fulfilled, without having done my very best to share the invaluable gifts that I have been granted?

My life’s purpose is to pass on the bounty of Bliss that I have been privileged to enjoy.

My own extensive experience in personal development and meditation, and working with people for over 40 years, underpin the support I offer through BLISS NATUROPATHY.  This work can be transformational on all levels.

I’m a passionate person, and through investing in experiencing the pain and suffering of unconscious life, I have come to KNOW that all, (or most of) my suffering is MADE UP – by me.  A little outside help can go a long way in managing the subtle variations of pain manifesting in each individual.  The myriad ways that we can uniquely heal and transcend are the stuff of our one to one Consultations, individually tailored Consultations that have powerfully helped so many to lives of freedom and fulfilment.

Yes, to end your suffering you might need a little help along the way.

Using physical therapies, spiritual and emotional healing and energy work, my dear clients are gently moved through life’s ‘circumstances’ to experience their unlimited potential in relationships, vocation, personal health and well being.  This is achieved relatively quickly compared to traditional therapeutic methods.

  1.  Love and Accept your Whole BodyBeing
  2.  Enjoy Freedom and Physical Health
  3.  Love and Accept Family, Friends, and Your Neighbour
  4.  Integrate your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spiritual Quest
  5.  Look forward to a Conscious, Elegant Death – the Culmination of a Life Well-Lived

To learn more please read through the website……use it for your self and to share with  others.

To discuss the suitability of this approach for you and to possibly book your first Consultation, call 07788981977